News and Updates

12-19-14 - The R NIA Nations Project has just moved phases into the Final Build Phase, This is the longest phase and will start the server after full completion.

11-18-14 - The project is moving on time for a 2015 launch date! Side project a new mod is being added! Forums thread here.

8-18-14 - Phases of launch has changed! - Invite-Build Phase is now starting.

7-10-14 - The Wikipedia for R NIA Nations is now being built and should be finished within the month.

7-6-14 - The CEO of Raymond Chung Industries Approves the timeline for launch and each date will be announced in our fourms. He also addresss those who has been sending questions to our support staff, they have been answered and posted on our FAQ.

6-23-14 - The R NIA Project is currently about to enter Beta Stages.

5-04-14 - The R NIA Nations site has been delayed to May 5, 2014 for site registration.

4-26-14 - The R NIA Nations site registration will open May 1, 2014. The first 100 people who make an account will get something special!